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May 12, 2008



Fannie and Freddie helped push the sub-prime boom. Like the Carlye Fund that collapsed do to Fannie and Freddie securities. Bert Ely in 2004 identified problems in the mortgage market. Expanding Fannie and Freddie's portfolio limits only worsens the problem. In a sense Ely predicted the current crisis, but no one listened. The government needs to provide tax incentives to ShoreBank and other community redevelopment banks to expand.

Fannie and Freddie came from the "New Deal Era". These institutions don't fit with current markets. What we have now is run down housing projects and decaying communities in the Northern U.S. We need larger mortgage market with more players. That can only come with a privatization of Fannie or Freddie. We need one not both. I think it is very interesting that in San Antonio, Texas there is a North American Development Bank for Mexico and U.S. In places like New Orleans and the Northern U.S. states people cannot find funding to rebuild or open businesses.

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